Theresa Manning

Theresa Manning



Theresa Manning is a veteran and venerable educator who is recognized by her colleagues for her ability to create and sustain academic environments that address the needs of the whole child. Concurrently, her priorities have always encompassed elevating staff morale and providing professional support to enhance the quality of teaching.

Theresa strongly asserts that, “Teaching is a calling not just a career. An educator must be willing and able to do whatever it takes to ensure the wholeness and wellness of every child who is impacted by that educator.”
For Theresa, answering the call to educate has been memorable and rewarding. Her professional accomplishments include serving on the core planning and implementing team to create a New Visions high school with an emphasis on enriched science and math. She finds teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate student teachers immensely fulfilling.

Additionally, she was nationally selected, along with other candidates, to design post-production curriculum for the award winning Eyes on the Prize television documentary. Theresa affirms that her greatest professional reward, however, has been to witness the academic and social transformation of the lives of countless children, especially the most challenging ones.

This educator fully appreciates the importance of a balanced life. So, in her spare time, this wife and mother thoroughly enjoys international travel, cooking, listening to music and sharing valuable time with family and friends. As a member of various civic, civil rights and national organizations, Theresa continues her commitment to the community. She mentors aspiring college students and she counsels families on the college application process. On Sundays, you will find her worshipping at her church, where she receives spiritual nurturing.

Academically, Theresa possesses a BA from Hunter College, an MA from Columbia University, an MA from Brooklyn College, and graduate credits from New York University.